What is keeping you from Moving Forward with Accomplishing your Dreams?

June 26, 2018
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Negative memories from the past are often charged with what we call trapped emotions. Those feelings actually create energetic imbalances that affect the physical DNA, the chakras and the psyche. The first step you can do to identify the negative emotions is to make a list of all the unpleasant or painful memories that you are aware of having. Write down anything that comes to your mind keeping you tied to the past with unresolved actions or emotions. Do not judge your thoughts; just welcome them and everyday work on one at a time until all is clear.

Most of the time trapped emotions are unconscious and working with healing modalities such as hypnotherapy or energy healing will release them faster and without creating new traumatic effects.

For example, if you feel guilty for owing money to someone, start making a small payment toward your debt and create a payment plan that is realistic for you. The person you owe money to will appreciate the effort and will feel respected with your intent of repayment. The universe in return will help you manifest more income so you can achieve your goal of being debt free.

Our Higher-Self always knows what we need and how to provide according to what we desire with the strongest feelings. This is why paying attention to what we feel, and where we put our daily attention and actions is so critical to bringing forward to awareness.

Many people who are overly concerned with being sick developed a phobia of getting cancer for example. Chances are that they will develop cancer over time. What is best is to make healthy choices every day that increase the intention of a strong health but without the fear of disease. “Where attention goes, energy flows”.

Easy efforts compounded over time, regardless of where you start with your finances, fitness, self-esteem will make a difference. From being 152 pounds (when I started two years ago) and 129 pounds today without diet or crazy exercise routine, I know that I shall be 125 pounds very soon. I do not worry about it; I just keep up the momentum, day in and day out with as many healthy choices as possible without limiting the fun of life. I treat myself with the food I love, do the exercise that I enjoy such as swimming and give myself time to rest and relax.

Be honest with yourself and make a list of all the past negative emotions that you can think of: guilt, fear, resentment, jealousy, shame, etc. Write each word on one line and start writing next to it what could help you resolve the negative thought.

For example, there may be the guilt of having elderly parents left behind when moving away. The solution could be visiting as often as possible, calling frequently or writing and sending photos.

If there is blame for a loved one, try to forgive, and be more thankful for the learning attached to the relationship.  Sometimes knowing what we don’t want helps find what we really do want. Live a life full of love, tenderness, and passion.

When you can say “I release the need to be right” with sincerity, you free yourself from the ego control. You open the door to new possibilities.

Fear of lack is often the reason why couples do not separate even when love is gone, or close a business that is not profitable. Selling the house or closing a business seems to be too painful to deal with when in reality with the joy of freedom and recovered self-esteem; one can manifest financial prosperity, creating real miracles in all areas of life.

The ripple effect of success is a powerful force that surprises many people but is actually very predictable. While losing weight or improving finances, you will improve your relationships and attract happiness or business success. When improving self-development, you will improve your energy, willpower, and enthusiasm attracting better health, fun relationships, and greater business opportunities.

Many of my clients are falling asleep with my “Healing with Mother Earth” mind re-programming CD helping them to achieve their goals faster by working with the power of the subconscious mind.

Success Manifestation gives the right tools to work with to understand where you are now and how to become the person that you desire to be. If you do not go forward, you will go backward, because staying still does not exist in real life. Everything is in constant motion, so it is up to you to decide which direction you choose to go. Forward toward success, or backward to failure?

Every day decisions are designing the philosophy and energy that support you or work against your dreams. What will be your choice?



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