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“Techniques alone without understanding and connection with Source are like artificial fire. The soul is the only reality of our existence; this is why understanding our Soul Purpose is fundamental to manifest fulfillment and true success.” Fabienne

After two years of Law school at the University of Toulouse in France

Fabienne 's passion for Healing, Empowerment, and Creativity lead her to found Destination Harmony Wellness, empowering her clients to reach harmony, strength and creative insights to re-design their lives and manifest their dreams.

Success Manifestation Retreats and Online Mindset Coaching programs are leading to financial freedom and personal fulfillment when used diligently under Fabienne's guidance.

Fabienne Work Experience

Fabienne has been an Aesthetician, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach for the past 30 years; creating beauty, rejuvenation, empowerment, and harmony using innovative holistic technology and her visionary inner gifts.

After studying two years of Law School at the University in Toulouse, France, Fabienne has been an Aesthetician since 1983, and Holistic Practitioner helping her clients reaches harmony, strength and empowerment to re-design their lives and manifest their dreams.

Fabienne holds extensive numbers of certifications to better serve her clients need self-healing and mindset: Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Palmtherapy energy healing, Dowsing, Mind-reprogramming, Theta Healing, Emotional Release Therapy, Time Line Therapy, and more. Fabienne is the founder of Heart Soul Therapy modality blending all those techniques under spiritual guidance.

For the past 30 years, Fabienne Marneau owned and managed several holistic wellness day spas in Orange County, providing classes and International Success Manifestation Retreats.

Fabienne’s Success Manifestation seminars and Freedom Lifestyle Coaching program reflect her background and passion for self-actualization.

As a Certified Personal & Business Coach, Fabienne offers Mindset Counseling nationwide, helping individuals, couples and/or business leaders to achieve their goals and improve communication.

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