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“To be successful at any business, your mindset must be align with believes and feelings of positive frequency level, raising your awareness. You will then recognize opportunities with the ability to take fast actions with self-confidence. Positive energized emotions such as self-esteem, joy, inner peace and enthusiasm will attractsynchronicity and reveal clearly your life purpose, your true passion. A joyful heart on purpose manifests financial freedom and personal fulfillment, the fruits and gifts of a successful destiny.” Fabienne

Fabienne Marneau had been an entrepreneur for the past 30 years who owned and managed several holistic wellness day spas in Orange County, CA.


Fabienne facilitates  International Success Manifestation Retreats and Freedom Lifestyle Coaching program reflecting her passion for self-actualization and success mindset.

“Fabienne totally changed my life. It taught me all I needed to know to build a successful business. I’m now making passive income, travel the world and blogging has truly become my passion! Highly Recommended!”

John Doe – The Doe Company


June 26, 2018


One of the reasons why I offer an Introductory Consultation before taking on a new Coaching client is because often people have unrealistic expectations about the […]
May 31, 2018

What is keeping you from Moving Forward with Accomplishing your Dreams?

Negative memories from the past are often charged with what we call trapped emotions. Those feelings actually create energetic imbalances that affect the physical DNA, the […]

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